1. The last enclosure you sent me was a work of art. LTJG Steve Chaine US Coast Guard Command & Control Engineering Center (C2CEN) 4000 Coast Guard Blvd Portsmouth, VA 23703-2199 757-686-4169
  2. Bob Rheault
    I mentioned your camera systems in my most recent newsletter and I have seen one of my members has your devices in operation on Cape Cod. Very impressive! ECSGA Executive Director (401) 783-3360 bob@ecsga.org
    Bob Rheault
  3. Royal Canada Mounted Police
    "All, I can vouch for these cameras. We've tested them and did spec/feature comparison analysis with other similar cameras and these came on top, and the prices are also the best. This company has some of the best PTZ modules in the industry, they are extremely smooth and accurate". Royal Canada Mounted Police
    Royal Canada Mounted Police